Leather – How To Care For It

When you pay your hard earned dollars on leather possessions you probably do not want to ruin the value by cleaning and conditioning them with low-quality products. It’s common sense, right? But you would be surprised by what people use to clean their leather stuff. The worst is to do nothing or use water and try to clean the spots or stains. The question then is, what to use. It is often quite difficult to know which ones are helpful and which ones are outright harmful. Not all leather care products are created equally; it is imperative that you know what to look for so you don’t end up ruining your leather goods and throwing money out of the window. Dehydrated leather looks and feels like beef jerky, and nobody wants to sit down on or wear anything like that.

Keeping Leather Soft and Hydrated
Have you ever seen a piece of nice leather all cracked and dry? It didn’t look very good, did it? That is probably because the owner did not use any leather cleaner or conditioner on it, and if they did then it was most likely not very high quality. Keeping your fine leather possessions in tip-top shape takes a little bit of effort, but your work will be cut in half if you use a leather cleaner and conditioner in ONE. That way you don’t have to do two separate steps or buy two products.  We have found a very useful video that illustrates well on which leather product to use when.


Regular Maintenance saves you Money
When you own expensive leather objects you can probably remember paying a lot for them, right? Replacing those things is always an option, but it is not the most frugal thing to do. In addition, it is time consuming running out and shopping for another leather jacket or leather boots. By using high-quality leather cleaner and conditioner, you can save yourself good amount of money and time. Not only will you be able to keep your purchased items but you will not have to pay to have them cleaned by an expensive professional leather dry cleaner either. Leather is naturally resilient and beautiful, but it will only stay that way over the years if you make time to take care of it; otherwise, you will be paying the price for your negligence.

Preserves your Memories
Some leather possessions are handed down from generation to generation, making them extremely valuable pieces of historical significance. Using some cheap leather cleaner or conditioner might ruin the integrity of the item, which in turn could demolish the memory of it altogether when the piece is ruined. When you have expensive or honored leather possessions, the last thing you want to do it ruin it with bad products. Use high-quality products made from natural materials and preserve your memories for years to come.

Shoe Deodorizer|A Life Saver!

Most people don’t give a second thought to their feet once they’re out the door. Men and women both may take time selecting the perfect shoe to wear with their outfit, but once they leave their home, they probably won’t think about it again until they return and take them off.
Suffering from Smelly Feet
The reality is very different from that perfect picture above. The fact is our feet sweat throughout the day. It’s a natural byproduct of the work they do, especially when they’re stuffed in socks and shoes all day long. Many people suffer from stinky feet and there fore stinky shoes problem.
However, for many of us, the smell this perspiration creates is downright embarrassing. It leaves the sufferers to live in constant fear that someone may smell the scent our feet are giving off, leaving us feeling ashamed. Luckily, with shoe deodorant spray, you don’t have to worry about this problem anymore.
Transition with Confidence
One major sticking point for those of us with smelly feet is that we have to transition from one pair of shoes to another at some point during the day. Without a shoe deodorant spray, this can be a major ordeal. It means removing the shoe, which will provide an immediate reminder of the problem we’re trying to avoid.
Worse, however, is when people are around. Many of us change at the gym or in the locker room before a workout or something like golf. If others are nearby, we fret about what they’ll think as soon as we take that first shoe off.
Enjoy Social Situations
Another example of how debilitating this problem can be is trying to enjoy social functions. For most people getting together with friends and family, is a time to enjoy and let go of petty concerns.
Unfortunately, when you think that every step you take is resulting in plums of bad scents, it’s hard to focus on how much fun you could be having. Many of us actually bring extra socks to such gatherings so we can sneak away and change them out when we hope no one will notice.
When you start using a high quality, all natural shoe deodorizer, you don’t have to let these worries dampen your high spirit and enjoyment. Enjoy your much-deserved social hours because this product has you covered. In addition, it not only takes care of that embarrassing scent, but it won’t stain your leather shoes like powders do.

The Advantages of Using Foaming Saddle Soap|Best Foaming Saddle Soap

Whether you’re trying to spruce up the interior of your car or you’re shining an old pair of leather shoes, foaming saddle soap is one of the best leather cleaning products currently on the market. It has the strongest cleaning properties over other leather cleaners without drying out the leather. Because it has glycerin in there, it also puts back hydration into the leather, which means you don’t need to use a leather conditioner if you are running short in time. Cleaning and conditioning are very important because it can extend the lifespan of your leather goods while it ensures that they look their very best for a long time.

Leather experts recommend that you clean your leather regularly to ensure that the product retains its natural color and texture. If the leather isn’t regularly cleaned, the exterior will begin to dry out, and eventually crack. Leather has pores the same way your skin does, and it’s important to take care of leather the same way you would take care of your skin. As the leather cannot replenish its moisture on its own from within, you need to put back hydration into the leather to keep it supple and healthy looking.

Regardless of what types of SMOOTH leather you’re cleaning, foaming saddle soap is an excellent option because it allows the leather to breathe, and it does not leave greasy spots where there are cracks and crevices. Because foaming saddle soap comes out as a white foam, it won’t leave any yellow residue like traditional saddle soap paste does. The foaming saddle soap has another advantage over traditional leather cleaners; the foaming action can pull dirt and grime out of the leather instead of simply rubbing it into the grain.

It’s also important to not use regular soap when cleaning leather. While it might seem tempting to simply wash your leather products with soap and water, application of regular soap to the leather will dry the product out and significantly reduce the quality of the leather. It will also reduce the lifespan of your leather goods, and the exterior will begin to chip, crack, and fray. Be sure to use foaming saddle soap instead of conventional soap, because it moisturizes and enriches the leather instead of drying out of the leather.

Foaming saddle soap is an excellent way to clean your leather items quickly and effectively. It can reduce the amount of dirt and grime that builds up on the exterior while it penetrates the leather to make it supple. If you have any leather products that need a thorough cleaning, experts recommend using foaming saddle soap over other any other type of cleaning product.

How To Take Care Of Suede|Prevention Is Key!

I love Suede, it provides a different texture and is very complimentary to smooth leather and fabric textile. Just like leather, all major designers use Suede all season and year after year in their collections. Because of its texture, Suede is the epitome of luxury and fine living. The interesting part is that Suede does come from animals that reside outdoors and endure all manner of weather. However, once it is processed, tanned, and made into garments and sold at retail stores, Suede has undergone many changes that make it more sensitive to weather conditions. Many brands offer Suede shoes and handbags that have a protective layer already built-in. However, people don’t realize that the layer of protection wears off and must be re-applied on a regular basis to keep up the water protection. For me, I make it a habit to clean and spray all my Suede items every two months or so to ensure the Suede stays new for a long time.
Particularly when it comes to Suede, it is so much easier to take care of it from the beginning. Just spray it with a high-quality Suede protector and stains and grime won’t stick that deep into the fuzzy texture that Suede is prized for. Once Suede is all dry and stains are on it, it can be time consuming to clean it. If in doubt, send it to a dry cleaner that specializes in leather cleaning. Yes, it’s quite pricey, depending on which area you live, it can range from $30 to $60. But if it is just a mild spot I’ve learned I could clean it by working the nap with a dry towel or soft brush. They sell erasers to use on Suede but from experience I know that an old toothbrush or other soft brushes just work as well. It’s important to work gently and slowly to brush out the stain or dirt. Make sure to smooth out the nap so that it looks nice again and finish the maintenance work with a Suede spray.