How To Take Care Of Suede|Prevention Is Key!

I love Suede, it provides a different texture and is very complimentary to smooth leather and fabric textile. Just like leather, all major designers use Suede all season and year after year in their collections. Because of its texture, Suede is the epitome of luxury and fine living. The interesting part is that Suede does come from animals that reside outdoors and endure all manner of weather. However, once it is processed, tanned, and made into garments and sold at retail stores, Suede has undergone many changes that make it more sensitive to weather conditions. Many brands offer Suede shoes and handbags that have a protective layer already built-in. However, people don’t realize that the layer of protection wears off and must be re-applied on a regular basis to keep up the water protection. For me, I make it a habit to clean and spray all my Suede items every two months or so to ensure the Suede stays new for a long time.
Particularly when it comes to Suede, it is so much easier to take care of it from the beginning. Just spray it with a high-quality Suede protector and stains and grime won’t stick that deep into the fuzzy texture that Suede is prized for. Once Suede is all dry and stains are on it, it can be time consuming to clean it. If in doubt, send it to a dry cleaner that specializes in leather cleaning. Yes, it’s quite pricey, depending on which area you live, it can range from $30 to $60. But if it is just a mild spot I’ve learned I could clean it by working the nap with a dry towel or soft brush. They sell erasers to use on Suede but from experience I know that an old toothbrush or other soft brushes just work as well. It’s important to work gently and slowly to brush out the stain or dirt. Make sure to smooth out the nap so that it looks nice again and finish the maintenance work with a Suede spray.